How to Apply for Indian Business Visa in Nigeria

How to Apply for Indian Business Visa in Nigeria

So you want to go on a business trip to India but don’t know jack about India visa application in Nigeria? Need not trouble. The information in this simple guide will suffice. All you need to do is soak them up and not only will you be able to apply for an Indian Business visa all by yourself, but you will also increase the chances of your application being successful.

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What is an Indian Business visa?

Indian Business visa is a type of Indian visa issued by the Indian High Commission to foreigners embarking on business trips to India for a period of six months – per trip. These trips may include visiting India to make sales, establish business visas or attend business meetings. However, it does not include visiting for paid employment for such need is catered for by the Indian Employment visa.

Apart from Business and Employment visas, the other types of Indian visa: Conference visa, Entry visa, Journalist visa, Medical visa, Project visa, Research visa and Student visa.

Who Can Apply for Indian Business Visa in Nigeria?

For starters, an applicant for an Indian Business visa in Nigeria must own a valid Nigerian passport. Next, he or she must have a fairly impressive financial standing and expertise in his/her business field. Of equal importance is that he/she must be a law abiding Nigerian or non-Nigerian national who intends to visit India to make sales, purchase products, promote product or service, participate in business fair or meeting, monitor his or her company’s on-going projects in India or recruit manpower.

How to Apply for Indian Business Visa in Nigeria?

  1. Click HERE to start filling the online visa application form. Fill the form duly and sincerely then print it out.


  1. Visit the Indian High Commission in Abuja between 9am and 11am, Monday to Friday (except on Indian and Nigerian public holidays), to submit the visa application form and other documents (supporting documents) on the date indicated on the visa application form. Click Indian Embassy for the Indian High Commission address.

Checklist of Supporting Documents

  • An original passport that is valid for at least six months.
  • One photocopy of passport data page.
  • Two copies of 2”x 2” passport photographs with white background. These pictures should be glued to the boxes provided on pages 1 and 2 of the online application form.
  • Honestly and duly filled and signed visa application form. Application form is available here
  • A document bearing the original contact details of the applicant including e-mail address.
  • Letter of invitation of the applicant from a company in India.
  • Applicant’s Identification Document.
  • Letter of Introduction of the applicant from a Nigerian company.
  • Other documents from the Nigerian company:
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Article of Association
  • Latest Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Bank statement
  • Copy flight ticket (including return ticket) and hotel reservation
  • Yellow fever vaccination and polio vaccination except for infant below 6 months.
  • Hotel Booking:  In the case where you have no one to invite you, you will need a valid hotel booking as proof of accommodation arrangement. Your hotel booking should be valid and should be verifiable if the embassy calls the hotel. Many hotels will cancel your booking once payment is not received within 24 hours after booking, this could lead to visa refusal. Also, we would not encourage spending lots of money to book hotel when you have not received your visa. We have a solution for the hotel booking which you should see in order not to fall victim. Read our Hotel Reservation + Flight Reservation for visa application post
  • Flight Bokking: Read our Hotel Reservation + Flight Reservation for visa application post

Additional Tips

  • Original copies of Letter of invitation of the application from a company in India, Applicant’s Identification Document, Letter of Introduction of the applicant from a Nigerian company and Other documents from the Nigerian company must be taken to the Indian High Commission on appointment date.
  • You will pay a visa fee (not fixed) of about $254.
  • Oral Polio Vaccination/IPV certificate, valid for one year from the date of administering, is to be taken along.

I hope that you have found this post helpful. Kindly leave your comments for more information or clarifications.

Bye for now.

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