How to Apply for UK Short-Term Study Visa in Nigeria

How to Apply for UK Short-Term Study Visa in Nigeria

This post is a guide on how to apply for UK short-term visa in Nigeria.

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What is UK Short-Term Study Visa?

United Kingdom (UK) Short-Term Study Visa is a kind of Study visa issued to those who want take short courses in the UK. These courses are expected to last for six months, or eleven months if applicant is older than 18 years old. It is one of the types of UK study visas, others are Tier 4 (General) Student visa and Child study visa.

With this kind of visa, an applicant is not expected to study at a local authority sponsored school in the UK or work in the UK or extend his or her visa permit if granted to visit the UK.

Who Can Apply for UK Short-Term Study Visa in Nigeria?

Holders of a valid Nigerian passport can apply for the UK Short-Term Study Visa in Nigeria. Also, they must be:

  1. Those offered a place on a course in the UK at accepted places of study.
  2. Those who have money to finance themselves without working or help from public funds.
  3. Those whose relatives or friends could support and give means of accommodation in the UK (if to be sponsored).
  4. Those who have made arrangements for travel and stay in the UK.
  5. Those who have been given permission by their guardian to study in the UK (for minors).
  6. Those who are at least 18 and studying at an oversea higher education institution and whose part of courses are in the UK. Their institution must:
  • Hold its own national accreditation.
  • Offer only part of its educational programme in the UK.
  • Offer programmes that are equivalent to a UK degree.

How to Apply for UK Short-Term Study Visa in Nigeria

For detailed information on how to apply for UK short-term study visa in Nigeria, Click here (directory to Tier 4 post). The difference is the supporting documents. If you are applying for a short-term student visa, the following document checklist is applicable.

Document Checklist

  1. Current and valid passport.
  2. Evidence that you can support yourself during time of travel (e.g. Bank statements or payslip for the last 6 months).
  3. Proof of accommodation (i.e. hotel booking or contact of host).
  4. Tuberculosis test result.
  5. Contact details of parents or guardian – if under 18 years.
  6. Proof of course you’re studying (e.g. letter of acceptance from the educational institution on letterhead paper – stating course name duration and cost).
  7. Previous study – academic certificates, references or transcripts (if applicable).
  8. English language qualifications (if applicable).
  9. Accommodation and travel plans.
  10. Permission to be in the country you are apply from (for non-Nigerian nationals).
  11. Financial sponsor’s occupation, name, savings, or funds that will support your studies.
  12. Written consent from parents or guardian (for minor).
  13. Full contacts of parents (for minor).
  14. Proof from guardian or parents that applicant has where to stay in the UK – including name and date of birth of the host, address of where applicant will stay, details of applicant’s relationship with host and consent in writing so that host can look after applicant during his/her stay in the UK.


Note: For UK embassy address Click here

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