How to apply for portugal visit visa in nigeria

How to apply for Portugal visit visa in Nigeria

Do you want to vacation or visit family, friends or loved ones in Portugal but do not know how to apply for Portugal visit visa in Nigeria? If so, this short guide will help you understand how to apply for Portugal visit visa in Nigeria. Also, you will learn about the required documents for your visa application and the centres that you can submit your application to. Please read on.


What is Portugal visit visa?

Portugal tourist, visit or visitor’s visa is a visa category suitable for foreigners whose purpose of visit is tourism or family reunion. A traveller with the Portugal tourist visa is meant to visit Portugal for a short while. This is because the visa is a short-stay visa and it is only applicable to trips that do not exceed a period of 90 days.

If your application for a Portugal visit visa in Nigeria becomes successful, a page of your international passport will be stamped. The Portugal tourist visa is a sticker visa, and can only be applied for in one’s home country or one’s country of permanent residence.

Also known as a Portugal Schengen short-stay visa, this visa is valid for trips around the 26 Schengen countries. However, a carrier of Portugal tourist visa must first touchdown in Portugal before traveling to other countries of the Schengen region.


Can I apply for Portugal visit visa in Nigeria?

You can apply for Portugal visit or tourist visa in Nigeria if you are a Nigerian or a non-Nigerian national, whose purpose of visit is tourism. To apply for other visa categories, please see our posts on Portugal student visa application, Portugal business visa application and Portugal medical visa application.

Meanwhile, you must have a clean record with the law enforcement agencies and should have the solvency to cater for your travel expenses and upkeep in Portugal. Moreover, there is no point applying for Portugal tourist visa in Nigeria if you cannot provide the required documents for your application.


What are the required documents need to apply for Portugal visit visa in Nigeria?

The highlight of any resource on how to apply for Portugal visit visa in Nigeria is the list of required documents for application. The embassy determines your visa eligibility through the supporting documents that you submit. Hence, your ability to provide the required documents and the quality of these documents can improve your chances of securing a Portugal visit visa in Nigeria.

Below are the documents for your visa application:

1 Your valid international passport booklet with a minimum of two blank pages. The passport should be valid for at least three months beyond your proposed date of departure from Portugal.

2 A copy of the downloaded and electronically filled visa application form. Click here to download the visa application form.

3 Two copies of recently taken white background passport photograph, showing your whole face. Please note that the acceptable photograph dimension is 35 mm x 45 mm.

4 A copy of your flight reservation for your trip to Portugal indicating your proposed date of entry and exit. Do not buy a flight ticket for your visa application and lose money due to visa refusal. You can request for a verifiable flight reservation, with flight numbers and dates, from us at Naijagoingabroad. Click here.

5  Proof of hotel reservation for your stay in Portugal (if you do not have a host in Portugal). Your hotel reservation must be genuine and valid since the embassy will call any hotel you the hotel to confirm. Some hotels cancel applicant’s booking when payment is not made within 24 hours; which often leads to visa refusal. Yet, we would not advise you to pay for hotel booking when visa hasn’t been issued. You may get your reservation at an affordable rate here.

6 A copy of your travel insurance certificate, showing that your travel insurance cover is worth 30,000 Euros for your trip to Portugal. Click here to get this starting from NGN 3,250.

7 Proof of social ties to Nigeria; such as your marriage certificate and your child’s birth certificate.

8 Introduction letter from employer, stating that you are their staff and have been granted work leave to visit Portugal.

If you are self-employed, you may present your company’s registration certificate alongside a letter introducing you as the owner of your company.

9 Six months bank statement of account, showing your solvency for your trip.

10 Cover letter, explaining your purpose of trip, duration of stay in Portugal with specific entry and exit dates.

11 Other documents; such as proof of enrolment in an educational institution (if you are a student), consent letter from spouse, and proof of property ownership among others.


How to apply for Portugal visit visa in Nigeria: Step by Step

Once your documents are ready, you can apply for Portugal visa in Nigeria by following these three steps:

1 Submit Your Documents

Visit the visa application centre (VAC) nearest to you to submit your application. The VAC handling Portugal visa application in Nigeria is VFS Global limited. They have offices in Lagos and Abuja.

Lagos office: Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way, Opposite Treasure Garden Estate, Third Roundabout, Lekki Phase I – Lagos.

Abuja office: Sterling Bank Plaza, 3rd Floor, Plot 1083 Mohammadu Buhari Way, Central Business District, Abuja

You may download and print out this short guide to assist you with your application. At the point of submission, you would have to pay your visa fees and other charges. Be sure to kept the payment receipt and other documents that you would receive after submission.

2 Track Your Application

After submission, you can monitor your application online. Follow this link to do this.

3 Get Your International Passport

You can get your passport once a decision had been made on your application. Visit the VAC between 10 am and 4 pm, Monday to Friday, to get your passport. You would present the payment receipt you were given during submission and your identity card to get your international passport.


Frequently asked questions on how to apply for Portugal visit visa in Nigeria

How much is Portugal visa fee?

Be prepared to pay about NGN 45,000 at the visa application centre. This should cover the cost for Portugal visa fee. However, you would have to pay more if subscribing for courier delivery.

What are the Portugal visa requirements for Nigerian citizens?

The Portugal visa requirements for Nigerian citizens are the same as the documents mentioned when discussing the required documents for Portugal visa application in Nigeria discussed.

The visa requirements include international passport, visa application form, 35 mm x 45 mm white background passport photograph, cover letter on purpose of trip, introduction letter from employer, hotel and flight reservation, travel insurance, six months bank statement of account, and other documents.

What is Portugal tourist visa?

Portugal tourist visa is also known as Portugal visit, short-stay or Schengen visa. With it, you can visit Portugal for vacation but for a limited period of time (under 90 days).

How can I get Portugal visa application form?

Click here to download Portugal visa application form. It is a PDF document which you can fill electronically with the latest version of Adobe PDF application.

Do I need to schedule Portugal visa appointment?

You do not need to schedule an appointment for Portugal visa application in Nigeria. You can visit the VFS Global office in Lagos or Abuja for your submission.

Do I need a visa to travel to Portugal?

Except you have a valid Schengen visa, you must apply for Portugal visa to travel to Portugal.


If you have not taken our free visa eligibility test, we advise you take the test now in order to properly plan your application.

Do you need further assistance?

Contact us for professional consulting services on your application. Starting from ₦20,000 only, we will handle your application and provide the necessary guidance to ensure a successful visa application.

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