how to apply for portugal student visa in Nigeria

How to apply for Portugal student visa in Nigeria

Already secured a study admission in Portugal? Avoid missing your chance to study abroad by learning how to apply for Portugal student visa in Nigeria. Portugal is best for international students with security, low living cost and access to modern facilities high on their lists. Many Nigerian students are presently studying in Lisbon and other cities in Portugal. With these tips, you can successfully go through visa processing and join them.


What is Portugal Student visa?

Portugal study visa (or Schengen type D visa) is suitable for prospective international undergraduate and post-graduate students. It is appropriate for Nigerians visiting Portugal for internship, training and research purposes. Unlike the visit visa, Portugal student visa gives a traveler longer visit duration. A bearer of the visa can reside in Portugal for as long as their course of study permits.

This visa requires that you first apply for visa in Nigeria then process a residence permit in Portugal, thereafter. You must process your residence permit application less than 90 days after your arrival. The permit typically expires after 12 months but you can renew it for five times, giving you more time for your studies and fun.

If your purpose of visit is to undergo a post-doctoral research program, you must apply for a different residence permit. This type qualifies you for paid research work and commercial engagements. However, never apply for a student visa if your program duration wouldn’t last beyond three months. Apply for a visit visa instead.


Who can apply for Portugal student visa in Nigeria?

Portugal student visa is ideal for Nigerian students (and non-Nigerian permanent residents) who are interested in taking undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Portugal. You can apply for the visa if you have been offered a provisional admission to study in Portugal.

It is vital that you have the solvency for your study fees and cost of living. You should also be certain that you have all the required documents before you apply for the Portugal student visa in Nigeria.


What are the required documents to apply for Portugal student visa in Nigeria?

Portugal student visa documentation includes travel plans and travel purpose of an applicant. Needless to say, you should take time in presenting the proper documents for your application because these documents represent you.

When applying for Portugal student visa in Nigeria, the following are the supporting documents to take along:

1 Letter of admission or certificate of enrolment stating that you are permitted to take a specific course of study in Portugal,

2 Tuition fees payment proof

3 School transcript or certificate for the completion of previous course of study,

4 Printed copy of the electronically filled visa application form (download here),

5 Two copies of 35mm x 45mm passport photograph on a clear background,

6 Your international passport booklet with a minimum of two blank pages,

7 A verifiable flight ticket reservation stating flight number, departure date, and return date. Be careful here. Note that it is unsafe to buy flight tickets for the sake of visa application. When application is denied, you could lose all that you have paid for flight ticket (many flight tickets are non-refundable while few are partly refundable). Avoid this challenge by ordering for a verifiable flight reservation here.

8 A confirmable hotel reservation, get this with us here at Naijagoingabroad.

9 A copy of a genuine travel insurance certificate worth 30,000 Euro. You can order for your travel insurance here,

10 Six months bank statement with a substantial closing balance. If you do not have one, you can use a sponsor’s bank statement.

11 Proof of sponsorship (if sponsored),

12 Marriage certificate (if married),

13 Clearance from the Police station


How to apply for Portugal student visa in Nigeria

Portugal student visa application is a little complex. The time-consuming and hard part of the task is seeking admission into a higher learning education in Portugal. Once this is sorted, the other stages of the application are quite easy.


1 Secure an admission in an institution of learning in Portugal

There are various prestigious institutions of higher learning in Portugal that you can apply to. Target as many as you can. Gain admission and move onto the next stage of your visa application.

2 Collate your documents

Be meticulous about your documentation. Make sure that nothing is left out and you convince the embassy that you have a worthy purpose of trip. Go over the itemized documents above, print out the list or do whatever you can to have them with you when putting your documents together.

3 Submit at the Visa Application Centre

The Portuguese embassy has partnered with VFS Global Limited for applicants’ application handling. You can visit either the Lagos or the Abuja office of VFS to submit your application. Sterling Bank Plaza, 3rd Floor, Plot 1083 Mohammadu Buhari Way, Central Business District, Abuja and Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way, opposite Treasure Garden Estate, Third Roundabout, Lekki Phase I are their Abuja and Lagos offices respectively.

Download this short guide for more information on your application. Make payment for visa fees and other charges at point of submission. Then keep all receipts.

4 Monitor your application

VFS Global maintains an open process that allows you monitor the state of your application. This link directs you to the portal where you can do this. Click here to see where you can monitor your application.

5 Collect your passport

The embassy spends about three weeks on your application, after which a conclusion is reached. You can visit the VFS at any time, between 10 am and 4 pm from Monday to Friday, to collect your international passport. Take along all the receipt you got during submission.


Frequently asked questions on how to apply for Portugal Student visa in Nigeria

How much is Portugal visa fee?

The Portugal student visa fee could range from 60 Euro to 170 Euro. If you wish to have your passport delivered to your doorstep, you could pay for courier services. But this would compound your fees. Use our free online visa fee calculator to discover your Portugal visa fee. Click here.

What are Portugal student visa requirements for Nigerian citizens?

Portugal student visa requirements for Nigerians are valid international passport, admission letter, travel health insurance and banks statement, among many others. You can almost be certain of a student visa if you provide these documents.

How can I get the Portugal visa application form (PDF)?

You can find the Portugal visa application form (PDF) here.

What is Portugal visa processing time?

The average processing time for Portugal visa is four weeks. The embassy enjoins all applicants to submit their applications ten weeks before their proposed travel date.


Portugal student visa application requires time and determination. You need to patiently gather your documents and carefully present them for a successful application. Remember, the major lessons to learn from ‘how to apply for Portugal student visa in Nigeria’ are that you should focus on the requirements, the application process and, then, apply for visa early.


If you have not taken our free visa eligibility test, we advise you take the test now in order to properly plan your application.

Do you need further assistance?

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