How to apply for France Visitor Visa in Nigeria

How to Apply for France Visitor Visa in Nigeria

There’s no wishing away the need to apply for France visitor visa when visiting a family member or friend in France. The visa application process in Nigeria is simple and easy. If you meet these requirements, follow these steps and submit the advised documents, your chances of securing the visa is high. Then you can purchase a flight ticket and travel to France.

So, if you would apply for France visitor visa in Nigeria soon, you should get a Schengen travel insurance, a flight reservation and ask your host to send an invitation letter. Read on to find out more on the things you need to apply for France visitor visa in Nigeria.


What is France Visitor Visa?

As a Nigerian or non-Nigerian national who doesn’t have European citizenship or citizenship of Japan, Honduras or any of the countries that enjoy visa waiver, you must apply for France visitor visa to visit for short-stay. It is also known as France Schengen visit visa or France Schengen visa type C.

France Visitor Visa (also called Short Term Visa) is the authorization needed to travel to France on a short-term basis. When you get this visa, you can visit France under three months. As you may know, this is the usual sticker visa that gets stamped on the passport upon approval.

It shows that you may be granted entry into the country of Napoleon where the finest of wines are made (alias France).

While the France visitor visa lets you visit for family and friend, it also allows you visit France for business and pleasure (tourism). When applying for France visitor visa in Nigeria, you need to an inviting host in France. More on this in a short while.

But just so you know, there are other types of France Visas. They are otherwise known as the Long Term Visas or France Schengen visa type D.

They include: Student/Training Period/Education Visa, Family Stay/Private Stay Visa, Re-Entry Visa, Marriage Visa, Employment Visa and others. These visas are for long-term visits.

What are the Types of France Visitor Visas?

As explained earlier, you can only apply for France visitor visas for certain purposes. When you need to apply for visa for tourism, product inspection, and short-term study, you can apply for France visitor visa.

The following are the types of France visitor visas:

– Business visitor visa

You can apply for France Business visitor visa to attend a business meeting, inspect products before shipping them or attend a conference.

As part of the requirements, you must get an invitation letter from a conference organiser or a company in France. This gives credibility to your purpose of travel and request for visa.


– Tourist visitor visa

The tourist visa helps you visit France to enjoy your holiday or work leave. It is purely for tourism and the application process does not require an invitation letter.

However, you must present a hotel reservation to show you plans for accommodation in France. And you may submit a tour voucher for visa application purposes. But, payment for tour guide does not guaranty visa approval and is not mandatory for visa application.


– Airport transit visa

You may need an airport transit visa when you travel with AirFrance and you experience a long layover in Paris. This is especially true if you do not carry a US, UK, Canada or Schengen visa.


What are France Visitor Visa Requirements in Nigeria?

We advise you to take the visa eligibility test to know if your next France visa application in Nigeria would be successful.

There are certain requirements or supporting documents you need when applying for France visitor visa in Nigeria. Below are the documents:


1- International passport

An international passport with at least three consecutive blank pages and six months validity


2- Passport photograph

35mmx45mm passport photo on white background. You need two copies of these.


3- Visa application form

It is essential to submit the visa application form. This is an online form and you should fill out and print.


4- Receipt of Application Submission/Checklist

After concluding with the online visa application form, you  must download the form as well as the generated receipt/checklist. This document carries your visa fee (60 Euros) and the document checklist.


5- Invitation letter

This is compulsory for visit/business visa. The host, conference organiser or company in France must provide you with the invitation letter.


6- Schengen insurance certificate

The insurance certificate should show that the policy can provide for mishaps/emergencies at 30,000 Euros. The insurance policy is not costly and must be from an approved insurance company. Click HERE to order for France embassy-approved Schengen travel insurance.


7- Hotel reservation

Hotel reservation is necessary when you do not have a host who would accomodate you. Even if your visit is for business, you still have to present the hotel reservation document. Click HERE to order for your hotel reservation. It must remain valid for the period of the France visa application.


8- Flight reservation

Your flight reservation should show your entry and exit dates from France. The airline, PNR and arrival city should show on this document also. Kindly note that on no circumstance should you purchase a real ticket when applying for France visitor visa in Nigeria. Read more about this HERE.


9- Introduction letter from employer

Your employer should write that you work with the company and have the permission to visit during the intended travel period.


10- Marriage certificate

You must also submit proof of social ties to Nigeria, part of which is the marriage certificate.


11- Birth certificate

The birth certificate of your child also adds to your ties to Nigeria. It is necessary for visa approval.


12- Cover letter

You would not attend any interview when applying for France visitor visa in Nigeria. This is why you need to submit a cover letter to explain in details about your travel plans and status in Nigeria. Click HERE to get help writing a cover letter for your France visa application.


13- Bank statement

The France embassy demands three months bank statement to see if you can finance your travel and have reasons to return to Nigeria.


14- Other documents

Other documents include; property documents, investment certificates, certificate of incorporation (if you own your company), proof of retirement (if retired) and so on.

How to apply for France Visitor Visa in Nigeria

How to Apply for France Visitor Visas in Nigeria: Step by Step

Before you commence with the process of applying for France visitor visa in Nigeria, you must get an updated or latest version of a web browser to access and fill the online form.


1- Gather documents

Gather all the supporting documents mentioned above. Reserve your hotel and get details of your host; you need these information when filling the online application form. Then gather other supporting documents


2- Fill online form

Create an online account and fill the application form. Then print out and download the filled application and document checklist.


3- Submit application

France Embassy Uses a third party company for collection of visa application documents. VFS Global Limited operates the Visa Application Centre. So visit VFS to submit your application.


4- Collect your passport

VFS would send a notification the moment your passport is ready for pickup. You can also monitor your application from the moment you submit your application. Click HERE to track application.


France Visitor Visas Appointment Booking in Nigeria

When applying for France visitor visa in Nigeria, you do not need to book an appointment. You can visit either of the VFS offices in Abuja or Lagos for your application submission. You may note that the Abuja office caters for applications in the North, while the Lagos office caters for those in South.

You may contact VFS for more details about this.

FAQs on How to Apply for France Visitor Visa in Nigeria

How can I get France embassy in nigeria visa application form?

The online France visa application form is available HERE. You have to create an account and activate your login through your email account.


What is French visa processing time in Nigeria?

The visa processing time for France visa application in Nigeria is ten to 15 workdays. Sometimes, it takes one month. But it is three weeks on the average.


What is France visa fee in Nigerian Nigeria/how much is france visa fee?

France visa fee is NGN 35,306. You can use the NaijaGoingAbroad visa fee calculator for the different categories of France visa for Nigerian citizens. Click HERE.


France visa requirement in Nigeria?

France visa requirements for Nigerian citizens and non-Nigerian national include the international passport, Schengen travel insurance, hotel reservation, flight reservation and the three months bank statement. Scroll up to read more on the requirements for France visa application in Nigeria.

Vfs France Nigeria tracking/Vfs Nigeria tracking?

After visa application submission, you can track the application stages. You need the reference number on your receipt to do this. Click HERE to visit the VFS France Nigeria tracking package.


Conclusion on How to Apply for France Visitor Visa in Nigeria

When applying for France visitor visa in Nigeria, endeavor to submit application at least four weeks before your travel date. Also, you cannot apply when your travel period is more than ten weeks away.


If you have not taken our free visa eligibility test, we advise you take the test now in order to properly plan your application.

Do you need further assistance?

Contact us for professional consulting services on your application. Starting from ₦20,000 only, we will handle your application and provide the necessary guidance to ensure a successful visa application.

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