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How to Apply for Slovakia Tourist, Visit or Business Visa in Nigeria

Here is a detailed guide on how to apply for Slovakia tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria. Planning to visit Slovakia is a thrilling experience but getting your visa approved by the Consulate is different story.

If you want to procure your visa, your application should be done the right way. Follow the guidelines below when applying for your Slovakia tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria.


What is Slovakia Tourist, Visit or Business?

Slovakia tourist visa is awarded to people willing to enter Slovakia for the purpose of tourism. This visa is used for traveling within the country. You can stay in the country with this type of visa for a maximum of 90 days.

The Slovakia visit visa is given to those visiting relatives or friends, your loved ones will have send an invitation to you from Slovakia before you can apply for this type of visa. Please don’t apply for this type of visa if your relatives won’t be able to send you the invitation letter because you will need it.

The business visa is awarded for people going on a business trip. It may be a conference, training or short contract execution. But you cannot work permanently with type of visa, you will also need to get a letter from a recognized business body in Slovakia to be eligible to apply.

With these types of visa, you are allowed to stay in the country for a maximum period of 90 days after which you must return to Nigeria. You can’t live permanently with the visa and you can’t study in Slovakia more than three months using it. You will have to use the student visa to study in Slovakia.


Requirements for Slovakia Tourist, Visit or Business In Nigeria

1- The application form.


2- Your valid international passport. The passport should be valid for three months after the application process and it should have two blank pages at least.


3- Two passport photographs. It is very important to take the pictures with a white background. The picture should cover at least 70% of your face.


4- Schengen medical Insurance. Proof of insurance with a coverage of at least 30,000EUR. If at all you get sick or need emergency medical attention, this insurance will cover the expenses during your stay. Insurance is mandatory; click HERE to order for your insurance.


5- Proof of flight reservation for visa. Applicants must show that the will leave the country after their visa expires. CLICK HERE to reserve your flight ticket for free (terms and conditions apply)


6- Proof of reserved accommodation in Slovakia. You have to prove that you have a place to stay when you arrive Slovakia. If you plan to stay with a host, do not have to reserve a hotel accommodation. Otherwise, Click here to reserve a hotel for visa. The embassy will verify your reservation.


7- Cover letter. This is a letter explaining everything about your proposed visit to Slovakia. Click HERE to get support for your cover letter. If you have not written one before, you may not know how best to prepare a letter to improve your chances for visa.


8- Proof of financial status. Your bank account statement from the last three months or other financial proof should be presented. The consulate needs to know that you can cater yourself during your visit. If your relatives or friends are going to be responsible for your financial upkeep, you should add your sponsors bank statement.


9- Marital status proof. Documents such as marriage certificate, spouse’s death certificate and others act as proof of marital status. If you are married, you have to prove that you are officially.


10- Introduction letter from employer. This is letter stating that you work for the company and that you have the permission to travel. If you are a business owner, a similar letter should be submitted.


11- Certificate of Incorporation. if you are self-employed


12- If retired, pension allowance proof.


How to Apply for Slovakia Tourist, Visit or Business in Nigeria: Step by Step

1- Gather your documents

Get the application form for Slovakia tourist, visit or business visa and make arrangements for other supporting documents. Fill the visa application form carefully and prepare your photograph. Ensure that your documents carry consistent information – especially your arrival date on the flight reservation and check in date on hotel reservation. Every detail on your application form must correspond with all your supporting documents.


2- Submit application

The immigration authorities of Slovakia have an agreement with the Embassy of Sweden in Nigeria. Such that the Swedish embassy grants Slovakia tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria.

A third-party agency (VFS Global Limited) is in charge of collected visa applications for the Embassy of Sweden. So you may visit VFS to submit your application taking your application fee along. Application fees are collected in cash. Then ensure to take all the required documents with you to the center.  It is ideal to check all the documents before leaving home to ensure that you took everything needed.


3- Track application

After submitting your application, you would need to track your application to know the status. You would be notified when it is ready for collection. Track your application here.


4- Collect your passport

Collect your passport and start preparing for your journey to Slovakia..


Slovakia Visa Appointment Booking in Nigeria

When applying for Slovakia tourist, business or visit visa in Nigeria, you don’t need to book an appointment. Download the visa application form, gather your supporting documents and submit at the VFS global center.


Slovakia Visa Application Online

Slovakia visa application cannot be completed online. However, you may track your Slovakia tourist, visit or business visa application in Nigeria online. As soon as you are set to submit your application, you can visit VFS.



FAQs On How to Apply for Slovakia Tourist, Visit or Business Visa  in Nigeria: Step by Step

How much is Slovakia tourist, visit or business visa fee in Nigerian Naira?

You can use our visa fee calculator  to calculate the Slovakia visa fee in naira.


How long does it take to issue Slovakia tourist, visit or business  visa in Nigeria after submission?

It depends, if there is no issue involved in your application processing it normally takes around two to three weeks.


Where is Slovakia embassy in Nigeria?

To get the full address of the Slovakian Embassy office in Nigeria, click here.


Do you need a visa to visit Slovakia?

A Nigerian or non-Nigerian national must get the Slovakia tourist, visit or business visa when visiting Slovakia. But you do not have to apply for Slovakia visa if you are also a United States, Canada or United Kingdom citizen. You also do not need a visa to visit Slovakia if you are a citizen of any of the 25 other Schengen member state.

But as a citizen of the United States or Canada, you can only visit Slovakia without visa for only three months.



Applying for Slovakia tourist, business or visit visa in Nigeria is simple. The steps are straightforward and you can keep an eye on your application right from the moment you submit it. However, make certain that you apply for visa when your visit period is not more than three months. For example, the embassy will not accept an application in February when the intended travel date is in June.

If you have not taken our free visa eligibility test, we advise you take the test now in order to properly plan your application.

Do you need further assistance?

Contact us for professional consulting services on your application. Starting from ₦20,000 only, we will handle your application and provide the necessary guidance to ensure a successful visa application.

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