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How to apply for Kenya tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria

You may apply for Kenya tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria to visit Kenya. But this is not compulsory. A Nigerian visiting Kenya also has the option of getting the Kenyan visa on arrival for only 50 USD.

If you would like to have your visa sorted out and avoid the delays of getting visa on arrival, you should read through this guide. It contains the details on Kenya tourist, visit or business visa application process. As well as the supporting documents you need for procuring your visa.

This guide contains answers to the frequently asked questions about Kenya visas for Nigerians. As you may know, the Republic of Kenya is one of the fastest developing countries on the continent. A crop of teeming middle class homes are rising in Kenya alongside their taste for quantity products and services. If you would wish to visit Kenya for business, read on for details on how to apply for Kenya tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria.


What is Kenya tourist, visit or business visa?

There are some Africa counties whose citizen does not require visa before they access the Republic of Kenya. However, a Nigerian is not among these countries.

Kenya visa on arrival for Nigeria

There is visa on arrival option for Nigerians. Therefore citizens of Nigeria that intend to travel to this country are can get the e-visa or get the visa on arrival.

Kenya E-Visa

Kenya E-visa is an easy alternative; it saves you time and stress. All you need to do to apply for this visa is to go online and follow the procedure that will be given in the course of this article.

What are Kenya visa requirements for Nigeria citizens?

There are some requirements that must be fulfilled before you are granted a Kenya visa. To apply for Kenya tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria, applicants must present some important document for verification.  Applicants must notes all documents must be correctly and honestly filled to avoid visa denial.  Individuals who are about to apply for Kenya Tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria must be aware that their entry into Kenya depends majorly on the credibility of their visa document and the purpose of travel.  Immigrants who are prohibited from entering into Kenya include:

– Individual who refuse to go for medical test according to the instruction of the immigration ACT

– Persons with chronic health challenges

– Ex-convicts or individuals whose entry into the country poses a threat to the citizen of Kenya

Those in the above category do not need to apply for Kenya tourist, visit or Business visa in Nigeria. However, those who do not fall under this category are required to present the following documents:

1- Valid Nigerian passport

This is very essential for individual who apply for Kenya tourist, visit or Business visa in Nigeria. The Nigeria passport that is perfect for this purpose must have at least a free visa page and must be valid for at least 6 months

2- Photocopies of documents

Applicants are required to submit the photocopy of  the data page of the Nigerian passport that is clearly showing applicants bio-data, picture and passport number.

3- A properly filled and signed Form 22

Applicant must present the Kenyan application visa form. The form should be properly signed and filled.

4- Two recent Passport-sized photographs

Another important requirement is the applicants’ photographs.  Applicant must present two recently taken passport-sized photographs that are showing the face of the applicant clearly.

5- Proof of vaccination

Applicants are required to show evidence that they have taken vaccination against cholera and yellow fever.

6- Six month bank statement

Bank statement of up to 6 months is required to verify the financial capability of the applicant.

Other documents that is required when you apply for Kenya tourist, Visit or business visa in Nigeria are listed below:

– Family pictures

– Evidence of payment of visa processing fee

– Marriage Certificate

– Tax clearance

– People that fall under this category


How to apply for Kenya Tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria: step by step

Applicants who intend to apply for Kenya tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria are advised to go online for their E-Visa application. The steps required to apply for Kenya Tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria are given in this section.  The information here are presented in a step by step format to help you understand how you can apply for Kenya tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria.The steps required to apply for Kenya Tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria are given below:

1- Log on to the Kenya visa application website and create your account

2- Click on E-Visa visitor

3- Create a visitor account and supply all the information needed

4- Confirm your email and proceed with your application, choose the department of immigration office and submit

5- Select the type of Visa you are applying for and fill the application for appropriately.

6- The next stage is the payment of visa fee online.  You will be able to pay your Visa fee online via your Visa Card, MasterCard or any other credit/debit card.

7- Wait for the approval mail to be sent to your mail, download and print your E-visa from your email.

8- You must ensure that you have both the soft copy and the hard copy of your E-Visa for presentation anytime it is required by the immigration officers at the port entry to Kenya.


Kenya Visa appointment in Nigeria/booking appointment for Kenya visa

The documents needed when you apply for Kenya tourist, visit or business visa have been clearly stated above.  These documents are required to be presented to the immigration officer for examination. However, Kenya visa applications are now done online. The steps for Kenya online application are given in the preceding section. The E-Visa application saves times and energy, you do not have to travel to any location in Nigeria to get your visa. All the processes will be done online and your E-visa will be sent to your email for you to download and print out.

FAQs on how to apply for Kenya tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria

How much is Kenya visa fees in Nigeria?

The Kenya visa fee can be paid online through the Kenyan E-visa portal.  Applicants should note that visa processing fee is non-refundable. The Kenya visa fees for Single entry visa is $51. Click HERE to use the visa fee calculator.


How to find Kenya visa application form?

Kenya visa application is not done manually anymore, applicant are required to go online to get the application form through the Kenyan E-visa website. The form will be filled online.


What is Kenya visa processing time/how long does it take to get a Kenya visa in Nigeria?

It takes about two to three days for Kenya E-visa processing.


Where is Kenya Consulate in Nigeria – Abuja, Lagos?

The Lagos Consular Office is located at UBA Building, First Floor, No. 22B Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria Island. While the High Commission Office is situated at No. 35, Diplomatic Drive, Central Business District, Abuja.


Where is Kenya embassy located in Nigeria?

Kenya embassy in Nigeria is located in Lagos and Abuja.


Is Kenya visa free for Nigerians?

Kenya is not visa free for Nigerians. Individual who want to gain entry into republic of Kenya must apply for Kenya visa. They can also get the Kenyan visa on arrival.


You may take our free visa eligibility test to see help you prepare for your Kenya tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria.

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