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How to make hotel reservation for visa application

If you think it is difficult to make hotel reservation for visa application, then you are wrong. Making hotel reservation for visa is actually easy if you know what to do. However, there are some clarifications that you may need about making hotel reservation for visa.

Hotel reservation confirmation is one of the vital supporting documents when applying for visa. This is why people request for hotel reservation for U.K visa, hotel reservation for Canada visa or hotel reservation for Schengen visa.

If you would be applying for visa soon, then this article will help you understand how to make hotel reservation for visa application. It also contains frequently asked questions about hotel reservation for visa. Please read on.


What is hotel reservation for visa application?

Hotel reservation confirmation is a proof that a hotel accommodation is book on hold for a visa applicant. Once reservation is completed, the applicant receives a confirmation document from the hotel.

This document carries the name of the applicant, the hotel check-in date and the check-out date. It also carries the name and contact details of the hotel. And, sometimes, the cost of hotel room per night and the total cost of the entire duration of stay.

But, it does not necessarily mean that the applicant has to stay at the hotel when they actually travel. It is only an illustration of what the applicant intends to do and where they intend to stay while in their proposed travel destination.

As mentioned earlier, hotel reservation is an important document for visa application. Many embassies consider it as “proof of accommodation” or one of the “justifications for the purpose of trip”. It is even more important for applicants who have no contacts or hosts within their proposed travel destination.

They must be able to make hotel reservation for Italy visa, hotel reservation for U.S visa, hotel reservation for Ireland visa, or to wherever they are applying to. This is because all embassies demand this document as one of such that the applicant needs to submit. This way, they do not need to have anyone give them an invitation letter since their hotel reservation will suffice.

In addition, the hotel reservation needs to meet certain standards, regardless of the type of visa you wish to apply for:

1- Hotel reservation must be valid

For any application, the embassy expects your hotel to remain valid all through the period of your visa application. For many embassies, it takes 15 work days or three weeks to process application. For others, it takes two months or more (Canada embassy for example). Therefore, your hotel reservation must remain active for a long period of time to accommodate the embassy schedule for document verification.

2- Hotel reservation must be verifiable

Hotel reservation cannot be an ordinary dummy hotel booking online. By ordinary dummy hotel booking for U.K visa, dummy hotel booking for Canada visa or for any visa at that, this means a fake reservation which some get through fake hotel booking confirmation generators online. If you truly need your visa, you would not risk doing this.

The truth is: embassies will always contact hotels to verify that the hotel reservation is valid as at the time of document verification.

3- Hotel reservation can be directly from hotel

You can choose to book hotel directly from the hotel website but you must be ready to tackle some challenges. Here are the following challenges to consider:

a- Cancellation before the date on booking policy

Because the booking platform is designed to test the credibility of the debit card or the availability of funds on the card, it is likely for the reservation to cancel before the cancellation date on the booking policy. Some hotels attempt to charge one dollar or two, and once payment does not go through at the time, they cancel your reservation.

Do not forget that this sometimes happen after you have submitted your hotel reservation document to the embassy. And it carries a booking confirmation ID for verification. So, making another reservation to same hotel may not remedy the situation.

b- Undue debits/loss of money

As stated before, some hotels could debit your card before the date on the policy. If you book with a ‘book now, pay later’ policy it is possible that you forget to cancel before your payment date. And this could cost you a lot of money (average cost of hotel accommodation is $ 40 per night!). Same thing goes for booking a refundable accommodation/room. You would have to endure cancellations fees, which would not make sense to you especially if your visa is denied because of other factors.

c- Shallow hotel reservation caused by ‘book without credit card policy’

Sometimes, a reservation is not concrete because an applicant decided to do a ‘book without credit card policy’. This is not difficult to figure out. Most hotels service their clients on first come, first served basis. While a visa applicant makes a ‘book without credit card policy’ booking on hotel website, another client walks into the hotel building, pays cash and demands the same room. Do you think the hotel will still keep the space for a ‘book without credit card’ customer?! (We also do not think so.)

4- Hotel reservation may not be paid for

After all that has been said, the embassy still does not expect you to pay for the actual hotel accommodation fees just to apply for visa. If the hotel can help you keep an accommodation without you making payment, then the embassy is fine with it.

The embassy is just being fair and protecting themselves. They understand that visa is not guaranteed upon application and would not be responsible for your loss. We would speculate that this is entirely how many embassies have been able to dodge law-suites for all these years. Because, seriously, many would have sued embassies for refusal after paying for proof of hotel accommodation (if necessitated by embassies).

But this is not so. There is actually a way to get hotel reservation as proof of accommodation for visa application without paying actual hotel fees. Read on to find out.

The Best Way to Make Hotel Reservation for Visa/Why You Need Hotel Reservation for Visa Application

You can meet the expectations of the embassy for hotel reservation for Schengen visa, hotel reservation for U.S visa or hotel reservation for U.K visa by using NaijaGoingAbroad’s hotel reservation service. You only have to click here to use our online order platform to place an order.


Why Use NaijaGoingAbroad for Hotel reservation for Visa application

Generally, NaijaGoingAbroad makes it possible to secure your visa application without worrying about the authenticity of your hotel reservation. You also do not have to spend a lot just to make a hotel reservation that is valid, verifiable and durable for visa application.

Kindly consider the following additional reason why making a hotel reservation through NaijaGoingAbroad is the best way to make reservation for visa. And why you should use NaijaGoingAbroad for visa booking:

1- We are experts at visa application processes

Our job is visa application and provision of general travel services. This will help with your reservation because we do not only know what Schengen embassies look for when assessing your hotel reservation for visa. We are also conversant with the requirements of other embassies during visa application review.

2- Free flight reservation

When applying for visa, hotel reservation is only one of the supporting documents you need. Flight reservation is also an essential document for visa application. When you make your hotel reservation for visa application through NaijaGoingAbroad, you get a free flight reservation.

3- Free corrections

NaijaGoingAbroad helps fix errors on hotel reservations for free. You may need to correct the name spelling on the reservation or you have mistakenly provided a wrong date for the reservation. This would not be a problem using our hotel reservation for visa service.

4- Get hotel reservation confirmation within two hours

When you pay for our Gold or Platinum package for hotel booking for visa application, you get your reservation within two hours. But you would get your reservation within 24 hours if you pay for the silver package.

5- Free cancellations

NaijaGoingAbroad saves you from the problems of monitoring your reservations for visa with hotels. You do not have to mark your calendar to cancel reservation before the free cancellation window closes.

6- Free date change

Depending on the package that you have chosen, you would be entitled to a free date change for the hotel you book for visa application through NaijaGoingAbroad. Free date change is available one the Gold Package and Platinum Package.

NaijaGoingAbroad packages for hotel reservation for visa application


Naijagoingabroad offers three packages for Hotel reservation for visa. They are:

a- Silver package:

This package costs NGN 5,000 only. You are entitled to a free flight reservation if you choose this service. It is available for single applicant and is sent to your email within 24 hours.

b- Gold package:

This is an improvement on the silver package. For express submission of visa application, this package is ideal. It costs NGN 8,000 and allows for free date change. You get the reservation within 2 hours and you also get a free flight reservation.

c- Platinum package:

The platinum package is most ideal for group applications. It costs NGN 10,000 regardless of the size of the group. This helps save money (instead of paying NGN 5,000 per applicant) while applicants enjoy all the benefits of the Gold package including free flight reservation.


FAQs about how to make hotel reservation for visa application

Is dummy hotel booking online fine for visa application?
This depends on what you mean. If you mean a fake hotel reservation obtained through online booking generators, then this is bad for visa application. As you may have heard, embassies do confirm hotel reservations. And cancelled reservation accounts for a large number of visa application refusals and getting a verifiable hotel reservation for visa is very convenient and risk free. Click here to get one.


Can I have a proof of accommodation example?
Of course, kindly see below, a sample of hotel reservation:

make hotel reservation visa

How do I verify my hotel reservation for visa application?
This is an easy thing to do. Your reservation confirmation should carry the details of the hotel, call the number and give them your booking reference number and full name. The hotel would confirm to you if your booking is valid or not.

We strongly recommend that you do this before submitting your application at the embassy to prevent unwarranted visa refusal.


Do I have to pay to cancel my hotel reservation for visa?
You do not have to pay to cancel your hotel reservation for visa, especially if you use NaijaGoingAbroad. Remember that one of the benefits of using NaijaGoingAbroad is that you can prevent yourself from giving any hotel your credit card details. And save money in the process. This way you do not risk future charges or cancellation fees.


What if I pay for one night accommodation to make hotel reservation for visa?
It is unacceptable to submit a hotel reservation document that does not cover the entire period of your stay.


Where can I get hotel reservation for visa application?

You can get hotel reservation for visa application when you click here. Also, you may visit our office at 7, Seidu Ajibowu street, off Toyin street, Ikeja, Lagos to get your hotel reservation for visa application.


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