become visa agent make money nigeriaHow to become a visa agent and make money in Nigeria

One of the ways to make money in Nigeria is to become a visa agent. This is because there is a big market for visa procurement services and people will gladly pay to experience an easier and simpler application.

By now, you should understand that we are not concerned about fake visa agents – who you should utterly avoid. We are talking about real professionals who are worth their salt and can help travelers through visa application process without stress.

The beauty of becoming this type of visa agent is that you can keep your day job and work as an agent on the side. And you do not need special qualifications. Only follow the steps we would be sharing with you shortly and you would soon be able to make some money right from the comfort of your home (or home-office) as a visa agent.


1- Be passionate

We should warn you: while there’s money to be made, you must endure some of the downsides of being a visa agent. One of such is that people will drill you. They would like to know how many visas you have helped people secured in the past – even when you’ve only just started.

And they would come with their challenges and history of visa refusals. And if you are like some of us who attend to many projects everyday, these stories and enquiries could be frustrating.

But, you must be passionate about helping people travel and solving their problems; in spite of their doubts and troubles. This is the first step to becoming a visa agent and make money in Nigeria.


2- Be willing to learn

When it comes to helping clients apply for visa, information is everything. The entire application exercise is usually in stages and it involves documentation. When you have information about the steps and paperwork involved, you can simply pass them on to your clients. And help them experience the process without fear or worries.

If you need information about visa processes, the primary places to get them are the websites of embassies and ministries of foreign affairs. Except that you would have to spend hours of research to get the details you need.

However, you may use the NaijaGoingAbroad visa application library to see how to apply for visa to several countries of world. It is easier this way and all information can be found in a single place. You may on visa application and travel.


3- Be truthful

If you wish to be a successful visa agent, you must be ready to protect your identity. By being blunt with clients and avoid selling unrealistic promises, you would be known as a trustworthy agent.

Remember that you must be passionate to go on listening to clients without getting frustrated. But, you must also go on listening without being budged into make unrealistic promises.

Some clients will be ready to empty their bank accounts upon giving them assurance that you would get them visa by all means. But don’t be tempted by their money and never make promises.


4- Be ready to get verifiable documents

Most visa applications are ruined by fake documents. If you wish to go far as a visa agent, you must be ready to go all the way to get original documents for your clients.

Embassies like to see confirmed hotel reservations and verifiable flight reservation. Get this for your clients. And advise your clients to also desist from procuring fake documents for the sake of visa application.

As for insurance documents, take your time to research the approved insurance companies for Schengen and Non-Schengen visas in Nigeria. There are several of them.

However, you may choose to stick with NaijaGoingAbroad Online Order Platform for your documents. If you have visited our Testimonial Page you’d notice how much people have enjoyed our services and what we are capable of.




Making money is not easy anywhere. But if you live in Nigeria, you can earn some extra cash by becoming a visa agent. The essential thing is to update yourself about visa applications and to be ready to help your clients procure verifiable documents.


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  1. Efosa eboh March 23, 2019 at 12:42 pm - Reply

    Keep it up your services are telling good of you.

  2. Ucmba May 29, 2019 at 3:57 pm - Reply

    I have helped lot of people get visa based on my experience but never cahrged money for the service because they are either friends or family. I hope to turn this passion to business is

  3. Olatona June 13, 2019 at 2:20 pm - Reply

    You are giving a good service delivery. Keep it up,we will get there together

  4. Lpkbbeatz July 20, 2019 at 9:42 pm - Reply

    Please I need an assistant for my india visa

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