Why Now is a Bad Time to Apply for a Visa and What You Should Do Instead

If you’re eager to apply for a visa at the moment, you may have to slow down. Because this is a terrible period to apply for a visa in Nigeria.

As you may know, various factors determine the success of a visa application. And many of them can be found in the application procedure on the official website of most embassies.

However, we have discovered that some of these factors are not even stated. This is why we tag them the undisclosed factors affecting most consular decisions on whether to grant or refuse a visa application.

Normally, an applicant would get a sheet of paper (alongside your international passport) detailing the reasons for their denial when the visa application is unsuccessful. These reasons give the applicant the conditions of the refusal and the way forward: such as a recommendation to appeal or an advice to reapply.

Yet, the undisclosed factors would never be included in the refusal letter. So it is the responsibility of the applicant to think and figure them out. Unfortunately, most people cannot even imagine what these factors are. But as you would soon discover, they are beyond the control of the applicant.


The factor of poor economic situation of Nigeria

Our dear Nigeria, being a third world country, has already put any visa applicant at a disadvantage. With a projected GDP per Capita of 2151.084 USD, we currently sit at the 18th position. We are the poorest in the world out of 126 countries analyzed according to focus-economics.com. So Nigeria is a migration risk country.

As the citizens feel more hardship due to lack of job and means of sustenance for individuals and families. People are desperate and willing to emigrate from Nigeria – legally or otherwise. Many have refused to return to Nigeria after being granted a short stay visa.

In 2019, Nigeria, the ‘giant of Africa’ still lacks basic amenities that ensure good living. No good health facility, education, stable power supply or security. This discouraged many people from returning to the country.

Even in recent times, people with good jobs are trooping out of the country because they now realize that the standard of living is better in most developed countries.



The upcoming election factor

Nigeria’s next presidential election is slated for 16th February. And there are projections of violence which may further disrupt the political landscape of the country.

The U.S Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of African Affairs, Tibor Nagy, said that the 2019 presidential election is likely to be characterized by violence, and it will shake the democratic trajectory of the country. The usip.org news also said that the coming election may result in violence and could lead to a greater conflict if not properly managed.

You would agree that troubling news as these would not help visa applications from Nigeria. And the reason is this: if the projection becomes a reality, many Nigerians abroad would likely seek an asylum with their tourist visas. And the last thing any country wants is an influx of immigrants claiming asylum at their place. So Nigeria’s political instability influences visa officers’ final decision

Already, there are records of many eligible applicants with genuine purpose of trip and the right supporting documents that are still refused visas by the U.S, Canada, the U.K, and most of the Schengen countries. Visa application refusal for categories like tourist, family visit, student is already at an alarming rate.

Only a few weeks ago, the Nigerian National Assembly invited the U.S Ambassador for a discussion on the complaints about unjust visa refusals by the U.S embassy. But so far, there is no official news from the embassy that the invitation was ever honored.



Now that you know the undisclosed concerns of most embassies and why they refuse to grant visas to legitimate travelers, what is the way forward?

The implications of visa refusal are both financially and emotionally high. So you must plan properly to avoid a refusal. Planning for a visa application requires paying attention to details. The right supporting documents and appropriate time of application are major to a successful visa application.

Ever wondered why embassies approve more tourist visas during festive periods (Easter, Christmas and New Year)? It is because the time of application is an important factor for getting a visa.


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