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make hotel reservation visa application

Here’s how to make hotel reservation for visa without paying for actual hotel fees or having the fear of hotel reservation cancellation.

become visa agent make money nigeria

See the tips for remaining in business as a visa agent and how to become one even as an amateur.

Some places aren’t safe in South Africa for foreigners. Read for tips to ensure safety when you visit.

verify dubai visa two minutes

Do you have a Dubai visa? Wait until you read this before traveling with it.

ways identify fake visa agents avoid being scammed 2019

Before hiring a visa agent, check if they have any of these signs.

visa application facts untrue

Ready to apply for visa? Watch out for these untrue visa application facts.

easiest way migrate canada nigeria

Whatever your reasons for moving to Canada are, here are the legal ways to relocate.

bad time apply visa do instead

If you’re eager to apply for a visa at the moment, you may have to slow down. Then consider the tips in this article for a successful application.


If you had been refused a visa request, this could be very costly. But how much exactly? Read on to find out.

make flight reservation without paying nigeria

You can now make a flight reservation without paying in Nigeria. Read this guide for details on how to do this.

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