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20 Cheapest Countries to Study in Europe for International Students

The quality of education in Europe might be said to be top-notch. That, however, cannot be said about the quality of education in lots of developing countries. Due to this, for better quality education, it is now a norm for students from developing countries to move to Europe. While the quality of education in Europe is better than what is obtainable in most developing countries, the cost of education is generally higher and one that people from developing countries might

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How to get Early/Expedited USA Visa Appointment

There is so much in this article that will enlighten you on how to book an appointment for a USA visa. But I know you are more interested in booking earlier/expedited appointment. So, I am not going to waste your time as the first two paragraphs already addressed this. For more details on how to book an appointment for a visa interview with the USA, try to read the entire article. To ensure you understand the steps detailed below on

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10 Reasons To Study In The United States

Do you want to acquire the best education in the world? Have you longed to obtain educational degrees from the best learning institutes around the world? Then the US is the place you want to be. There are several reasons why the United States top the chart as the destination target for International students or people who emigrate for the purpose of obtaining foreign education. It is not as though there are no good schools in the home country of

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How to Pay SEVIS Fee in Nigeria

  SEVIS is an acronym for Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. It is a system that was set up for individuals that have plans of moving to the United States to study. It is maintained by the student and exchange visitor program (SEVP). SEVIS came into existence in 2004 after all exchange visitors and international students were mandated to pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee by Congress. This fee should not be mistaken for visa fee as its primary duty

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How to legalize/apostille documents in Nigeria

For some reason, anyone might want to authenticate their documents and affirm legitimacy to it. Be it for the purpose of tourism, job search, furthering education, et cetera. The Essence Of Authentication Of Documents(Why It Is Required) Often, documents are perceived by institutions to be illegal until proven otherwise by the bearer. This is because many institutions have been swindled by fraudsters who do not go through the right process of authentication of documents. And so it is not out

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make hotel reservation visa application

How to make hotel reservation for visa application

Here’s how to make hotel reservation for visa without paying for actual hotel fees or having the fear of hotel reservation cancellation.

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become visa agent make money nigeria

How to become a visa agent and make money in Nigeria

See the tips for remaining in business as a visa agent and how to become one even as an amateur.

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How safe is South Africa for Nigerian visitors? And tips to ensure your safety

Some places aren’t safe in South Africa for foreigners. Read for tips to ensure safety when you visit.

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verify dubai visa two minutes

How to verify your Dubai visa in two minutes

Do you have a Dubai visa? Wait until you read this before traveling with it.

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ways identify fake visa agents avoid being scammed 2019

Ways to Identify Fake Visa Agents And Avoid Being Scammed in 2019

Before hiring a visa agent, check if they have any of these signs.

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