Privacy Policy

At, we use Google analytic which uses cookies to collect user’s data for analytic purposes ONLY. The cookies does not store personal information, the type of information stored by cookies are only used to improve the interest of our reader in content. Information from the cookies enable us to know the page you visited, most read articles, the website that directed you to and the website visited immediately after leaving These information are then analyzed and used to bring you more interesting articles and tips. This is in line with our objective which is to bring you quality content that is helpful.

If you still don’t want us to collect information about your interaction with, we humbly request that you disable cookies in your browser’s settings. Method for disabling browser’s cookies are available on the website of your provider. Also Google as an add-on for disabling cookies. See for details.

We stand to protect our user’s privacy, and we will continue to bring you valued content while protecting your identity.