What We Do

NaijaGoingAbroad started as a travel education zone. However, the encouragement we got from our readers motivated us to do more. We are happy to say that henceforth, we don’t stop at giving information. We now assist in securing travel visas to visit countries around the world. We also ensure to provide you with affordable airline tickets, hotel reservations, and travel insurance. If you’d like us to help you prepare your travel documents for your next trip, let us know right away. We are just a click away. Click here! We will be glad to help.

Who We Are

NaijaGoingAbroad is a youthful travel agency created to cater for your travel needs. We have young and experienced team members who are enthusiastic about helping you secure your travel visas and affordable airline tickets. Nothing makes us happier than helping our customers save more money, time and energy when travelling. Also, our consultants are known to be very attentive when giving educated travel advice in the manner that your best friend will.

In truth, we at NaijaGoingAbroad are specialized in doing one thing alone: giving you rest of mind for we handle your travel matters. NaijaGoingAbroad is based in Lagos and is a duly registered company.